Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working In Japan Ettiquette

Hello again,
Its me Pieter deVries.

 So, you speak Japanese, you have wanted to work in Japan, and you are getting ready to send out or resume, or work history profile, but you have no idea what to do. Maybe you have written the profile, and you are getting ready to send it, but don't know what to write on the envelope.  Or, you are on your way to your first interview, and you don't know how many times to bow, or when to bow, or any other amount of important but easily overlooked things.  Well, take a look  at

 The site also has information that helps you find jobs and information about international job events. So, take a look at this bit of information that Hiwork at written about the correct way to write a job resume.


 As you can see, they have translated the resume and have given hints on what to do.

 In addition to this type of information they have a life support help section where you can find out how to help yourself while living in Japan.

Well, it is a pretty cool site, and if you are like me and have had a lot of trouble just doing normal things in Japan, it could be a great help! So give it a look.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Working abroad for Japanese 日本人のための海外採用

Hey its me Pieter deVries again!
Hey, so this will be a Japanese language post, for Japanese people looking to work abroad.

今回のブログは日本語で進める!今日はWorking Abroad.
というサイトを紹介したいと思う。 Working Abroadは日本人のための海外採用サイトだ。
だから、 英語、中国語とその他の言語で仕事を探すことは可能だ。

recruiter  Daijob AGENT (Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd.)
企業名 社名非公開
勤務地 アジア 日本  東京都  / ヨーロッパ イギリス(英国)  London  Daijob AGENT (Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd.)
日本・円 300万円 〜 500万円
英語能力 流暢 (TOEIC 865点以上)
仕事内容 日系大手のFood Service企業が、日・英両方流暢のエントリーレベルの候補者を募集しております。

応募条件 - UKでの経験(留学、勤務など)あり、かつUKの商習慣・文化に深い理解をお持ちの方
- 日本食が好き、飲食業界に強い関心をお持ちの方

recruiter  株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
企業名 新日鉄住金ソリューションズ株式会社
勤務地 アジア 日本  東京都  / ヨーロッパ イギリス(英国)  株式会社 ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント/JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
日本・円 500万円 〜 1000万円
英語能力 日常会話(TOEIC 475-730)
仕事内容 【業務内容】

当社は、製鉄業で培った、高度な数理的知見を基とした最新金融工学に対する理解・応用力と国内有数の ...
応募条件 【必須条件】
■法人向けの営業経験(顧客要望ヒアリング、提案、見積、契約、請求等の一連の営業事務作業を理解していること。 )
■対顧客、対社内のコミュニケーション・調整能力 ...



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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Job Searching in Japan

Hey, its me Pieter deVries again.
Today I wanted to do something a little different.
 Up until now, I have been carrying out the Japan's Globalization series, which I plan on continuing, but I feel like there are also other types of information that I can give out.  So today I want to talk about Hays. Hays is a website for English speakers looking for jobs in Japan.
 Their services include pages about Asian salary guides, located here.
 They also have a job search page that allows you to choose where, what type of work, and what type of pay, located here.
The site requires that you register in order to use all of its services, but if you are interested in job hunting in Japan, that shouldn't be too much work for you.

The site is easy to use, and I will give a brief step by step of it, so you access the main site, you go to the job search page.  Because you have a degree in law, you check the box for law, and it send you to a page with a number of law centric jobs. At that point, if you are looking for a job that moves you to Japan, this job in particular might be interesting for you. Click here.
 The text on that page reads,
"Our client is a globally recognized law firm with a strong project finance practice. The firm has continuously been involved in news-worthy deals across a range of countries and jurisdictions. 

It is looking for a junior-to-mid level project finance associate with 2-5 years experience to join their thriving team in Tokyo. The role will primarily involve development and financing of energy and infrastructure projects. There will be a substantial focus on drafting and negotiating finance documents and in closing transactions.

The right candidate will have the required years of experience in this area as well as strong drafting and analytic skills. You must be a qualified lawyer with at 2 years of PQE. The ability to speak at business level Japanese is preferred, although not absolutely required. The firm will cover all moving expenses to Japan. "
 So, there you go, 2 years PQE, a bit of Japanese language and they will do everything for you.  This particular example was about Law, but there are a wide variety of different jobs in Japan if you are interested! 
So, don't wait and check it out!

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This was in no way paid or sponsored by Hays.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Japan's Globalization pt.2 Rakuten

Hello all!
Its me Pieter deVries again, with the new edition of Japan's Globalization.
 Today we are going to look at Rakuten, Japan's
In fact, in Japan, Rakuten has more share than and has more of a market edge. In 2014, in Rakuten's annual earnings report, they stated that they have made over 600 million dollars in net income. WOW! That is a lot of money.

 So, some of the cool things about working at Rakuten include, all meetings are conducted in English, change is an everyday occurrence because you are allowed to change your job department whenever you choose, and unlike a lot of companies in Japan, salaries are based entirely on performance. So, if you work hard, you will do well!
 For further details on working conditions at Rakuten, click here.

 Rakuten is currently looking for 4 types of people,

1) Engineers for entry-level and mid-level positions. Click here.
2) Business for entry-level positions. Click here.
3) Business for mid-level positions. Click here.
4) People with MBAs. Click here.

So, if you don't really understand where you stand or what any of that means, I will do a little explaining.

For the Engineer positions, we are talking IT.
9 categories for Engineer Position             

- Software Engineer                                            
- Infrastructure Engineer                             
- Data Scientist / Software Engineer               
- Mobile Engineer / Software Engineer                              
- QA / Test Engineer                            
- Security Engineer                         
- Product Manager
- Project Manager
- Researcher

BS/MS/PhD or with the qualifications shown below.
- Programming experience in Java or PHP
- Linux/Unix administration experience
- Strong knowledge of algorithms or experience working with big data
- Development experience (especially smart devices)
- Japanese language skills are not required but are a plus

 So if any of these seem like a fit, you might want to give Rakuten a call! The pay is not standard so you can't expect anything! Just work hard and you will be rewarded, also lunch and breakfast are free.

So, as for the Business for entry-level positions, you have to have less than 3 years of working experience to qualify and here is what Rakuten says about how they look for employees.

"Entry Level Positions: <Business Positions>
*Note: We do NOT recruit for specific roles. We hire based on potential. Assignment will be determined after training.
You have the chances to be assigned in positions among over 40 business units mainly divided into E-commerce, Financial service, and Digital contents businesses.
There are various career path in Rakuten: Aiming for business professional as a specialist or professional as a generalist, and so on.

■Sales / Consulting
■Marketing / Planning
■Web director / Web designer
■Corporates (Financial affairs, accounting, law, general affairs, HR etc.)

So, basically the world is your oyster.  You can try out anything and find the career choice for you specifically. To me, this sounds fantastic.

For Business mid-level workers, you have even more options from Rakuten. I can't spell them all out here because there wouldn't be enough room.  But please take a look! Click here.
The best way for you to get a job with Rakuten, is to go to that page, find something you are interested in, and contact them.

Finally, the MBAs.
Rakuten says,
Why new MBAs from top grad schools?
To become the No. 1 global internet services company, we need the following:
Individuals who know and understand global business, capable of benchmarking from overseas business and shares and apply them at Rakuten to accelerate globalization
Skill sets
Individuals who have acquired academic theories and frameworks with scope to apply them at Rakuten to continuously improve our operations and services
Individuals who have shown continuous success with an ambitious mindset and with high potential to grow themselves and Rakuten

So, that is some pretty heady stuff. If you are looking for the job, here is the LINK, this is a real hard hitter job, so those of frail hearts stay away. Rakuten wants people highly motivated, fluent in English, who are strongly minded business wise and who are generally super cool. If you qualify, good luck!!

Rakuten has jobs all over Japan, so give em a look.

This was the second edition of Japan's Globalization, please leave a comment, because I would love some feedback, and have a great day!
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Japan's Globalization pt.1 Panasonic

Hi, its me Pieter deVries again, from the World Stage Team.
So, I am thinking of starting a mini-series of companies in Japan that are intensely interested in foreign workers.  Because in Japan, the hot new thing is, Global Human Resources or グローバル人材-Global Jinzai.  So, lets get on it!

From the Panasonic website, Panasonic Abroad Program
"Since its founding in 1918, Panasonic has always focused on people. Our mission has been to help to improve people's lives. Today, our aim is to continue building "A Better Life, A Better World," to enable all our customers to enjoy their lives even more fully.
The Panasonic Group now comprises more than 300 companies that make products for their respective markets worldwide. The global market is constantly changing, which means that production sites in each country need to be strong and independent to be able to firmly root their businesses. The sites also need to be united through a global system of mutual collaboration. The key employees needed for this system are young "Global Leaders."
To support their activities, Panasonic is focusing on organization-building and creating an HR system that enables employees to grow. The company is doing everything it can to build win-win relationships with its employees. We invite you to join our team at Panasonic and work to build our future together."

 What Panasonic wants to do is, get foreign individuals and hire them from their main base of operations in Japan, and then send them out to their foreign offices overseas.  So, for people that are interested in working for a Japanese company, overseas this is a great opportunity. For me personally, this was a dream of mine coming to Japan.  I wanted to travel the world, but I wanted to also be linked to a stable and powerful company like Panasonic, so this is a great chance!

Again, the URL is here Click me!

So, if you guys are still interested, here is an overview of one of their job offerings,
Working in Japan : Appliances Company Panasonic Corporation
Working in Vietnam : Panasonic Appliances Vietnam (PAPVN)
*After training in Japan, transfer to PAPVN
Working in Japan : Kusatsu city, Shiga prefecture
Working in Vietnam : Hanoi, Vietnam (Thang long 1 or Thang long 2)
Work location
Written above
Work start date
As soon as possible
42,000 - 66,000 USD
*Model salary, when working in Japan. Consider salary of previous job.
Leader, sub Leader or normal (Depend on own skills)
Research and development, quality control, and material evaluation of refrigerator or washing machine.(Consider own skills)
Language skills
Vietnamese, Japanese or English
Qualifications & requirements
  • Basic knowledge of machine, electrical or material.

  • Experience of produced some items.
  • Basic knowledge of refrigerating cycle, mold, or reliability test, etc.
So, the starting salary is pretty huge, and because you will be living in Vietnam you would be living like a king.

Ok, that's our first rundown, stay tuned in for more these coming weeks!
Pieter deVries, checking out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Universal Job Fair & Party, English Career Fair, SUCCESS!

Hey guys,

 Thanks to all of your help we had a great career event on the 6th.
Not only did 850 people attend, but we had over 85% satisfaction rating for attendees and companies. This is our biggest event to date, and we couldn't have done it without you all coming and joining.

 So, who came? Well, some of Japan's biggest companies in manufacturing, retail, business and general awesomeness. We had heavy hitters like Rakuten, Ajinomoto, and Kyocera, which are some of the biggest companies in all of Japan. We had companies like Arkray and Asahi Glass who represent some of the best techonology in Japan.  The list goes on and on, and because of their high satisfaction rates, we can be sure they will come back for our future events.

 The companies told us that,

  The party that was held was rambunctious and confusing, but there was so many people interested in our country we can't help but be satisfied.
 We got to meet a lot of foreign students, particularly from Europe and America, which was great. I would love to participate again, please make more events outside of Kyoto.
 I was surprised at the amount of people willing to work in Singapore, I feel like I would like them to give me their entry sheets right away.

 So, pretty great stuff right?

Check out this scene from our after-party where students were able to talk to companies directly and people had a lot of fun.

We uploaded a video of the event to the following link if so check it out! Its all in Japanese, but I will work on getting an English version out soon.

So guys, if you are ready, come check out our next Job Fair this coming July and if you aren't... be ready.
And have a great day!
Pieter deVries, checking out.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Job Recruitment in Japan: What is Shūkatsu?

  Many foreigners that are not familiar with the Japanese Job Recruitment System in Japan may find some difficulties in getting used to the schedule and the process itself.

The Shūkatsu system in Japan is the common practice done by most companies where they hire a high number of new graduates before they finish their studies. In other words, the process of Job Recruitment in Japan starts before graduation, in order to secure a job to start from April 1st of the following year.

As for the students expected to graduate in March 2016, the process started on March 1st 2015. Companies in Japan start holding their own seminars together with their participation in Job Fairs, where they can inform students of their own recruitment process and the job offers that they have for the future graduates.

For many students not familiar with the Japanese system, starting to participate in the Job search process from one year ahead may seem a little strange, but for most Japanese companies, the process follows a calendar with a particular structure.

First, from March 1st students will attend to seminars and job fairs in order to get to know the available companies in a deeper detail and understand their working processes. At the same time, students will start applying to different jobs through the companies’ websites.

Now that we are at the start point of the process, we invite all students aiming to develop a career in Japan and globally, to participate in our English Career Fair and Universal Job Fair to take place tomorrow!
This event will give you the opportunity to get a better understanding of the process and to check the available options to pursue a Job in Japan!

With just one click you can register to our event! Do not miss this chance and follow us up for our next dates and venues!

We will be waiting for you tomorrow at Kokoka Kyoto International Community House!
You can drop by anytime so do not feel any pressure! Anyone is welcome and there is no dress code! Do not miss this chance and join us in this new Shūkatsu process!