Thursday, March 5, 2015

Job Recruitment in Japan: What is Shūkatsu?

  Many foreigners that are not familiar with the Japanese Job Recruitment System in Japan may find some difficulties in getting used to the schedule and the process itself.

The Shūkatsu system in Japan is the common practice done by most companies where they hire a high number of new graduates before they finish their studies. In other words, the process of Job Recruitment in Japan starts before graduation, in order to secure a job to start from April 1st of the following year.

As for the students expected to graduate in March 2016, the process started on March 1st 2015. Companies in Japan start holding their own seminars together with their participation in Job Fairs, where they can inform students of their own recruitment process and the job offers that they have for the future graduates.

For many students not familiar with the Japanese system, starting to participate in the Job search process from one year ahead may seem a little strange, but for most Japanese companies, the process follows a calendar with a particular structure.

First, from March 1st students will attend to seminars and job fairs in order to get to know the available companies in a deeper detail and understand their working processes. At the same time, students will start applying to different jobs through the companies’ websites.

Now that we are at the start point of the process, we invite all students aiming to develop a career in Japan and globally, to participate in our English Career Fair and Universal Job Fair to take place tomorrow!
This event will give you the opportunity to get a better understanding of the process and to check the available options to pursue a Job in Japan!

With just one click you can register to our event! Do not miss this chance and follow us up for our next dates and venues!

We will be waiting for you tomorrow at Kokoka Kyoto International Community House!
You can drop by anytime so do not feel any pressure! Anyone is welcome and there is no dress code! Do not miss this chance and join us in this new Shūkatsu process!