Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Universal Job Fair & Party, English Career Fair, SUCCESS!

Hey guys,

 Thanks to all of your help we had a great career event on the 6th.
Not only did 850 people attend, but we had over 85% satisfaction rating for attendees and companies. This is our biggest event to date, and we couldn't have done it without you all coming and joining.

 So, who came? Well, some of Japan's biggest companies in manufacturing, retail, business and general awesomeness. We had heavy hitters like Rakuten, Ajinomoto, and Kyocera, which are some of the biggest companies in all of Japan. We had companies like Arkray and Asahi Glass who represent some of the best techonology in Japan.  The list goes on and on, and because of their high satisfaction rates, we can be sure they will come back for our future events.

 The companies told us that,

  The party that was held was rambunctious and confusing, but there was so many people interested in our country we can't help but be satisfied.
 We got to meet a lot of foreign students, particularly from Europe and America, which was great. I would love to participate again, please make more events outside of Kyoto.
 I was surprised at the amount of people willing to work in Singapore, I feel like I would like them to give me their entry sheets right away.

 So, pretty great stuff right?

Check out this scene from our after-party where students were able to talk to companies directly and people had a lot of fun.

We uploaded a video of the event to the following link if so check it out! Its all in Japanese, but I will work on getting an English version out soon.

So guys, if you are ready, come check out our next Job Fair this coming July and if you aren't... be ready.
And have a great day!
Pieter deVries, checking out.