Thursday, March 19, 2015

Japan's Globalization pt.1 Panasonic

Hi, its me Pieter deVries again, from the World Stage Team.
So, I am thinking of starting a mini-series of companies in Japan that are intensely interested in foreign workers.  Because in Japan, the hot new thing is, Global Human Resources or グローバル人材-Global Jinzai.  So, lets get on it!

From the Panasonic website, Panasonic Abroad Program
"Since its founding in 1918, Panasonic has always focused on people. Our mission has been to help to improve people's lives. Today, our aim is to continue building "A Better Life, A Better World," to enable all our customers to enjoy their lives even more fully.
The Panasonic Group now comprises more than 300 companies that make products for their respective markets worldwide. The global market is constantly changing, which means that production sites in each country need to be strong and independent to be able to firmly root their businesses. The sites also need to be united through a global system of mutual collaboration. The key employees needed for this system are young "Global Leaders."
To support their activities, Panasonic is focusing on organization-building and creating an HR system that enables employees to grow. The company is doing everything it can to build win-win relationships with its employees. We invite you to join our team at Panasonic and work to build our future together."

 What Panasonic wants to do is, get foreign individuals and hire them from their main base of operations in Japan, and then send them out to their foreign offices overseas.  So, for people that are interested in working for a Japanese company, overseas this is a great opportunity. For me personally, this was a dream of mine coming to Japan.  I wanted to travel the world, but I wanted to also be linked to a stable and powerful company like Panasonic, so this is a great chance!

Again, the URL is here Click me!

So, if you guys are still interested, here is an overview of one of their job offerings,
Working in Japan : Appliances Company Panasonic Corporation
Working in Vietnam : Panasonic Appliances Vietnam (PAPVN)
*After training in Japan, transfer to PAPVN
Working in Japan : Kusatsu city, Shiga prefecture
Working in Vietnam : Hanoi, Vietnam (Thang long 1 or Thang long 2)
Work location
Written above
Work start date
As soon as possible
42,000 - 66,000 USD
*Model salary, when working in Japan. Consider salary of previous job.
Leader, sub Leader or normal (Depend on own skills)
Research and development, quality control, and material evaluation of refrigerator or washing machine.(Consider own skills)
Language skills
Vietnamese, Japanese or English
Qualifications & requirements
  • Basic knowledge of machine, electrical or material.

  • Experience of produced some items.
  • Basic knowledge of refrigerating cycle, mold, or reliability test, etc.
So, the starting salary is pretty huge, and because you will be living in Vietnam you would be living like a king.

Ok, that's our first rundown, stay tuned in for more these coming weeks!
Pieter deVries, checking out.