Friday, March 20, 2015

Japan's Globalization pt.2 Rakuten

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Its me Pieter deVries again, with the new edition of Japan's Globalization.
 Today we are going to look at Rakuten, Japan's
In fact, in Japan, Rakuten has more share than and has more of a market edge. In 2014, in Rakuten's annual earnings report, they stated that they have made over 600 million dollars in net income. WOW! That is a lot of money.

 So, some of the cool things about working at Rakuten include, all meetings are conducted in English, change is an everyday occurrence because you are allowed to change your job department whenever you choose, and unlike a lot of companies in Japan, salaries are based entirely on performance. So, if you work hard, you will do well!
 For further details on working conditions at Rakuten, click here.

 Rakuten is currently looking for 4 types of people,

1) Engineers for entry-level and mid-level positions. Click here.
2) Business for entry-level positions. Click here.
3) Business for mid-level positions. Click here.
4) People with MBAs. Click here.

So, if you don't really understand where you stand or what any of that means, I will do a little explaining.

For the Engineer positions, we are talking IT.
9 categories for Engineer Position             

- Software Engineer                                            
- Infrastructure Engineer                             
- Data Scientist / Software Engineer               
- Mobile Engineer / Software Engineer                              
- QA / Test Engineer                            
- Security Engineer                         
- Product Manager
- Project Manager
- Researcher

BS/MS/PhD or with the qualifications shown below.
- Programming experience in Java or PHP
- Linux/Unix administration experience
- Strong knowledge of algorithms or experience working with big data
- Development experience (especially smart devices)
- Japanese language skills are not required but are a plus

 So if any of these seem like a fit, you might want to give Rakuten a call! The pay is not standard so you can't expect anything! Just work hard and you will be rewarded, also lunch and breakfast are free.

So, as for the Business for entry-level positions, you have to have less than 3 years of working experience to qualify and here is what Rakuten says about how they look for employees.

"Entry Level Positions: <Business Positions>
*Note: We do NOT recruit for specific roles. We hire based on potential. Assignment will be determined after training.
You have the chances to be assigned in positions among over 40 business units mainly divided into E-commerce, Financial service, and Digital contents businesses.
There are various career path in Rakuten: Aiming for business professional as a specialist or professional as a generalist, and so on.

■Sales / Consulting
■Marketing / Planning
■Web director / Web designer
■Corporates (Financial affairs, accounting, law, general affairs, HR etc.)

So, basically the world is your oyster.  You can try out anything and find the career choice for you specifically. To me, this sounds fantastic.

For Business mid-level workers, you have even more options from Rakuten. I can't spell them all out here because there wouldn't be enough room.  But please take a look! Click here.
The best way for you to get a job with Rakuten, is to go to that page, find something you are interested in, and contact them.

Finally, the MBAs.
Rakuten says,
Why new MBAs from top grad schools?
To become the No. 1 global internet services company, we need the following:
Individuals who know and understand global business, capable of benchmarking from overseas business and shares and apply them at Rakuten to accelerate globalization
Skill sets
Individuals who have acquired academic theories and frameworks with scope to apply them at Rakuten to continuously improve our operations and services
Individuals who have shown continuous success with an ambitious mindset and with high potential to grow themselves and Rakuten

So, that is some pretty heady stuff. If you are looking for the job, here is the LINK, this is a real hard hitter job, so those of frail hearts stay away. Rakuten wants people highly motivated, fluent in English, who are strongly minded business wise and who are generally super cool. If you qualify, good luck!!

Rakuten has jobs all over Japan, so give em a look.

This was the second edition of Japan's Globalization, please leave a comment, because I would love some feedback, and have a great day!
Pieter deVries, checking out!